Purple Porsche Politicians Are Not What Malaysia Needs

An UMNO Division Chief’s Porsche was involved in an accident around Damansara recently.

According to a video published on social media, the driver of the Porsche escaped unscathed.

Checks online found that the Porsche is a 911 GT3 model with a reported market value of RM1.77 million in Malaysia.

According to sources close to UMNO’s leadership, the driver was UMNO Subang Division’s Chief, Dato’ Armand Azha Abu Hanifah.

The source added, the vehicle is registered under Koperasi Suara Anak Muda Selangor Berhad, of which Armand is the President

Malaysia Sentinel cannot independently verify the revelation, but other sources close to the incident have been reached for comments.

Checks on social media also found that Armand who is also an UMNO Supreme Council member had on 14 May 2022 uploaded a video to TikTok. The video showed a brief view of a Porsche of a similar model, colour and body sticker in the background.

He was appointed a Senator in October 2021.

In December 2021, the Ministry of Health gave Asia Coding Centre Sdn Bhd, a company in which Armand is a Director, the green light to begin a trial run and deployment of Covid-19 screenings at international entry points.

Our comment

RM1.7 million car belonging to UMNO division chief - now a heap of twisted metal

RM1.7 million car belonging to UMNO division chief – now a heap of twisted metal

This is surely a picture and set of circumstances emblematic as to why the jailing of a few top dogs is not going to suffice to purge the rot from UMNO.

Even a division chief feels compelled to drive around in a ludicrous toy vehicle worth nearly two million ringgit, money that plainly ought to have been put to good use by the so-called Koperasi NGO it was bought in the name of and which this ‘political leader’ was in charge of.

Where is the dignity and where is the duty?  None.

And that is before we address the matter of the enormous government Covid contract handed to this gentleman’s business by his pals who seized office by overturning the government that had been elected by the people, thanks to a large degree through plain bribery.

If that contract was awarded to this UMNO playboy via open tender this would definitely be the time to go public with those details.

Malaysians do not deserve to be ‘represented’ by the man-child spivs and crooks who have taken over UMNO. An entire industry of western and Japanese big toy motor vehicles thrives off a club of buyers almost exclusively from places like Malaysia and the Gulf – many of them purporting to be super-religious Muslims, who nonetheless don’t seem to be able to find a better cause for their money.

Vote in serious people with adult minds and an anti-corruption agenda for reform, before all Malaysia’s money ends up with nothing more to show than twisted rust heaps like this embarrassing display.

Prop-Up Bed, TV & Room Service

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has been admitted to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (HKL).

This was confirmed by his staff. At the time of writing, the nature of his medical condition is unknown but he is understood to be in stable condition.

“He is still being treated at HKL. I wish to thank the Prison Department and hospital staff for their cooperation,” Najib’s special officer Muhamad Mukhlis Maghribi told Malaysiakini.

The Pekan MP began serving his 12-year sentence for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust and money laundering on Aug 23.

Our comment

It was always said by those who know him that one night in a lock up would break the pampered Najib. Clearly, it was indeed all too much for him.

So, now he has been transported to doubtless a private wing of the KL General Hospital, where he can return to being looked after hand and foot in the comfort of a prop-up bed. No mere prison hospital wing for him!

Without doubt there will be moves to claim his undescribed condition is permanent and that he should thus remain. Much in the same way that over in Switzerland Tarek Obaid has checked into a 6 star sanatorium where he can play video games from his bed all day on the proceeds of 1MDB’s stolen money.

Produce The Marriage Certificate!

PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli’s move to challenge Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Latiff Ahmad to sue him over statements he made over Latiff’s involvement in the littoral combat ships (LCS) project is a mere ruse in a bid to save face, said Umno leader Mohd Puad Zarkashi.

The Umno supreme council member said it is simple enough for Rafizi to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate of Latiff and the woman said to be involved in the LCS scandal.

“Rafizi is an expert in stealing information. That’s why he was implicated in a Banking and Finance Institutions Act (Bafia) issue,” Puad quipped, referring to the charges against Rafizi following his expose in the National Feedlot Corporation matter.

“As such, it is impossible that he is unable to steal the marriage certificate of Latif and the woman named Zainab Mohd Salleh.

Our comment

How strange that the former defence minister is leaving it to this United Mafia colleague to speak up on his behalf.

Even stranger is the suggestion that respected opposition leader Rafizi Ramli should somehow “steal” his marriage certificate. This, Puad says, would be “easy” in order to prove the name of the ex-defence minister’s wife (maybe for these practiced crooks it would be).

So far, all the actual ex-defence minister has done so far is to make clear that another lady of an identical name is not his wife. Why doesn’t he pull his own marriage certificate out of the family papers in his closet to make the further point that he is married to nobody of that name himself?  Why force Mr Rafizi to prove such a matter by committing a crime?

Do these UMNO folk want to pull everyone into the same boat as them with a list of crimes to their name? Granted, Rafizi has committed acts in the public interest registered as crimes by UMNO e.g. by criticising the United Mafia and revealing their criminal secrets in the past.

But breaking, entering and stealing? That is an UMNO sort of crime, beneath the vast majority of upstanding folk.

Meanwhile, the ex-minister and all concerned ought really to be jumping on to this matter instead of bickering. What Rafizi has revealed and no-one has yet disputed is that SOMEBODY with a female Malaysian name was the owner of two off-shore companies in Labuan and BVI that were masquerading as subsidiaries of a French supplier to the LCS project recommended by Najib’s pals at DCNS.

It certainly looks like a classic Najib/Jho Low scam, a known signature of the 1MDB scandal that went before (except it seems it is more a United Mafia ruse than anything special to Jho Low).  The MO was so simple that the only way it could ever remain covered-up was through a powerful government sitting on the evidence.

The Paris company received RM3 million for its supplies, for which it was doubtless well contented having been set up just weeks before the operation. However, Boustead’s LCS project sent tens of millions of ringgit to this lady in the off-shore islands in pursuit of the same orders!

As for cover-up?  Nothing was done about the scam when it was all found out about, which it must have been by management, the board – until the United Mafia were kicked out of office.  In 2018 a report was produced, which was sat on by the United Mafia when they got back to office.

So, we are for now still left to wonder which sort of lady might have been allowed to get away with such an outrage fully protected by the United Mafia? Jaded Malaysians are unfortunately likely to assume that a wife of the political number two in charge of the contract whom Rafizi has accused would make a very credible candidate for obvious reasons.

If Mr Rafizi has misidentified the lady then the defences of public interest and good reason to believe (he has clearly been informed by people who ought to know that this is who she is) will provide strong shields against any defamation case against him. In clear mitigation he has just revealed to the public exactly how billions have been stolen from the army pension fund, thanks to the United Mafia, in yet another outrageous heist.

This is something the United Mafia chose to cover up instead. No wonder the ex-minister has taken his time to consider his options when it comes to suing Rafizi.

Meanwhile all this fellow needs to do if Rafizi has got it wrong is reach into his cabinet, read out the facts he has to hand and do something positive to assist in the uncovering of this massive crime.

What is stopping him and what is this Puad going on about?

United Mafia Network Organisation Shames Malaysia Once More

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri was booed by thousands of Umno members during party president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s special address today…

Members also shouted, “Where is Mail (Ismail)?” as he was the only prominent party leader seemingly absent from today’s special presidential address.

Ahmad Zahid also again called for Parliament to be dissolved soon, to pave the way for a general election (GE15).

“We believe that the government led by Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob will not let this hope fade away even if the date of the general election is delayed,” he told party members who responded with chants of “Bubar! (Dissolve)”.

Our comment

Desperation is not a pretty sight. It was not pretty to watch Najib’s disgraceful game-playing as he tried to conjure yet more delays to avoid his sentence and nor is it pretty to watch the thinly veiled threats of this party President who has had the bald cheek not to step down from that position whilst facing prosecution.

It seems neither man feared his God sufficiently to resist stuffing their pockets full of cash in the name of charity, but both are as scared as children to face a night behind bars – something they have happily inflicted on others who have crossed their ambitions without a second thought.

But it is a well known truth that criminals are generally cowards as are bullies who seek to turn a crowd against those seeking to uphold democratic principles and the law. As Zahid attempts every possible antic to force what he hopes is an election that he can win (by the usual trickery) he further demonstrates his guilt.

Fellow United Mafia Network Organisation (UMNO) leader Azalina Othman (she who for years vociferously claimed no money had been stolen from 1MDB) explained the strategy to the baying, red uniformed mob.

Put in a new AG who then not only withdraws all prosecution charges against those corrupted UMNO leaders whose cases had not yet got to court, she said, but who is also prepared to withdraw after the verdict has been delivered in the prosecution’s favour!

Simply not to contest any future ridiculous UMNO crook appeal these convicted kleptos seek to bring. That is the sort of AG Azalea wants her United Mafia party PM to appoint – she of course would adore to get the job.

This is what the Red Shirts want. So, what of this crook’s paradise they all are yearning for?  A Malaysia where some of the world’s most famous mafia party bosses would be elevated back into the heights of government to set about swindling and looting as before, with all their gangster followers liberated once more to extort, blackmail and bully their own communities without restraint.

Who in the world is going to invest one cent in such a place or dare come near?  Sri Lanka showed the way, Malaysians ought not to follow.

Self-Pity Is Not Pretty

I am left without defence counsel: Najib

Najib Abdul Razak said his current situation is as if he is without a defence counsel despite the apex court earlier today not allowing his lawyer Hisyam Teh Poh Teik to discharge himself.

During a press conference at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya this afternoon, the former prime minister recorded his objection in the strongest terms of the appeal proceedings where he claimed that his right to life, liberty, and a fair hearing is at stake.

The former finance minister explained that it was as though he does not have a lawyer because Hisyam was not allowed to adjourn the main SRC appeal hearing to mount a proper defence of the appellant.

Najib contended that his defence could not be put across today and that only the prosecution was able to present their arguments.

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 13.15.34


Our comment

Najib Razak has presided over Rough Justice for countless Malaysians and people caught in tough circumstances in his country who have been whipped and imprisoned without mercy for petty crimes, often arising from the poverty inflicted by his own corrupted governance.

We never saw him weep for them.

He has driven his political enemies into jail to get them out of the way – for years. Unlike himself, Anwar Ibrahim was ACQUITTED on the trumped up charges laid against him. Najib was later found to have been directly involved in the trumping up process, colluding with the complainant and the chief of police BEFORE the alleged incident complained of even took place.

However, Najib would not accept that acquittal any more than he accepts his own conviction for blatant corrupt practice (one instance among so very many for which he is yet to be charged). This vindictive ex-PM shed not one tear as he tore apart judicial process and demanded that the prosecutors challenge the acquittal by the courts!

He dragged in his own dodgy lawyer to head the prosecution when the professionals in the AG chambers of the time refused.

That same dodgy lawyer has taken dodgy millions to string out Najib’s own ensuing trials for years, using all manner of dodgy tactics which have now come crashing down in the Apex court as a result of their own tangled mess.

Najib does have a lawyer. It is the lawyer he appointed. Of course, he had hoped that by appointing the lawyer he could achieve another delay to his trial in order to somehow benefit from the political outcome of a planned early election.

However, this time the judges have looked to the law and called out his tactics. He will have to live with the lawyer he appointed, which was not the latest ‘cunning plan’ of his dodgy legal advisors.

To claim that the judges have been ‘bought’ sheds more light on how Najib operated when in power than on the conduct of those he has outrageously accused. If judges can be ‘bought’ then those peculiar reversals of the original acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim, which were so blatantly orchestrated by Najib himself, ought to be the first matter to be examined.

Meanwhile, Najib’s tearful self-pity having inflicted so much grief and injustice and hardship on others is nauseating to behold.


Once A Cheat Always A Cheat

Be ‘honourable’ and quit Batu Lintang seat, PSB tells See

Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) has urged Batu Lintang assemblyperson See Chee How to “act honourably” by quitting his elected seat to pave way for a by-election.

In a statement today, the party said See had signed a pledge to the party promising to resign as an assembly person should he defect.

“We clearly informed each potential candidate that if their intention was to ‘jump ship’ after winning as a PSB candidate, they should not accept the candidacy and never sign the pledge and agreement

Our comment

Advice is often given to the mistress who marries the husband she cheated with: “If he did it to his first wife then don’t be surprised if he does it to you”.

PSB are well aware that the same See Chee How signed a pledge of a similar nature to the one he signed with them with his former benefactors from PKR.

However, despite the signed promises and threat of legal action, he and his colleagues (mostly lawyers) decided to jump with the man who had handled the money rather than stick to that pledge to the party and its principles.

They did so having been warned they would bring down the whole reforming effort of their nation and would only lead their country back into the hands of the villains they had sought to oppose for years.

Instead, they stupidly gambled on the idea that their man (now the most unpopular politician in Malaysia) would come through to lead the country and make them henchmen.

So, why does PSB believe after such a betrayal that they had anything to expect but similar treatment or that they should be able to rely on any of the other slippery frogs they have gathered in their depleted ranks?

The SRC Case Is As Straightforward As a Theft Of A Tin Of Milk From A Supermarket Shelf. No Need For More Time!

Najib Abdul Razak’s newly appointed lawyers are seeking for the apex court to adjourn the scheduled 10-day hearing next month on the former premier’s appeal in the RM42 million SRC International corruption case.

According to a letter from law firm Zaid Ibrahim Suflan TH Liew & Partners to the Federal Court dated today, the legal team said this is because they were just appointed to represent Najib in the appeal.

The letter, signed by the firm’s senior partner Liew Teck Huat, states that Najib instructed them to seek adjournment of the SRC appeal hearing scheduled from Aug 15 to 26.

The lawyer said it is because “on the basis that a wholly new team has taken over conduct of the above matter”.

Our comment

No surprise that Najib and his lawyers have executed their latest preposterous delaying tactic in a series of so many that have been allowed to succeed in dragging out this open and shut SRC case for years.

From the endless ‘encounters with Covid’, to ‘a dog knocked me over’, to this blatantly spurious ‘resignation’ of Najib’s mastermind in obstructive tactics, the slippery Shafee, none of it has been believable, acceptable or tolerable.

So far, every judge has said no and there is almost zero room for manoeuvre in the Federal Court over such a straightforward story of simple theft.

Yet, whilst single mothers are tossed in jail for stealing milk, Najib continues to throw his stolen money at buying time with delay after delay in the hope that he can buy/pervert the next election and then lyingly declare that an UMNO win can trump a judgement in the courts.

We all know what they are up to. As night follows day, it was obvious that the moment the lawyers were swapped the new turncoat, instant millionaire counsel would plead for extra time.

It is said that the former UMNO cum PKR lawyer cum politician, Zaid Ibrahim, is requesting a whole year to ‘get on top’ of the SRC case, which the rest of the world already knows to be a plain as daylight simple theft – about as straightforward a case as a theft of a tin of milk from a supermarket shelf.

As Malaysia’s top judges consider this latest outrageous request for super-special treatment from the nation’s most notorious kleptocrat, Sarawak Report would like to draw their attention to a simple fact.

Mr Zaid Ibrahim has been engaged by Najib for many months already, as is well known amongst legal circles in KL. Therefore, far from being unprepared for this shifting of the case on to his shoulders, he has been up to speed.

In short, Najib’s new counsel has already had adequate paid time to review the case as thoroughly as could possibly be needed to handle the present appeal that has been before the Federal Court for months.

He has also had plenty of time to drum up the new angles and excuses Najib seems to be desperate to find to present as ‘new evidence’ to justify his endless stringing out of a shut case.

There is no need for extra time, therefore, on any front. Zaid should be denied it.

The Bully Boys Are Back

Klang MP Charles Santiago has questioned the motive behind the re-tabling in Parliament of the motion to extend the effective period of a subsection of the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) for another five years.

Subsection 4(5) of Sosma, which expires on July 31, grants the police special powers to hold individuals arrested and detained under the act for up to 28 days.

“Why bring this up for debate when it has already been voted down during the previous parliamentary session, unless it is a veiled threat against dissidents?

“And why use the pre-trial detention under Sosma when the police could use the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and other acts to arrest and investigate?” Charles (above) questioned in a statement today.

Our comment

A lot of complaining went on under the PH government, not least because people could complain. However, the problems were minor compared to what has followed, during which to complain has carried a very high risk indeed.

The coup-mongers of February 2020 were ‘blessed’ by the arrival of Covid which enabled them to use this excuse to viciously threaten anyone who wished to protest at the blatant power grab, the incompetence, corruption, double-standards and all the rest. The country was locked down for two years, like most authoritarian regimes.

Now that excuse has run out to some degree the UMNO-led usurpers and their crooked and convicted leadership are resorting to the very same measures Najib used to intimidate the outraged population.

A mild and modest demonstration against soaring prices at the weekend, for example, is being treated as a criminal action by the police who have once again made themselves and Malaysia look ridiculous. Citing violations of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 they have sought to detain and investigate everyone who took part with the plain intention of intimidating others who might decide their hungry stomachs need to be heard.

It is no coincidence they are using yet another retrogressive Najib law. So now the UMNO goons are seeking to drive through an extension of the hated SOSMA brought in at the height of the 1MDB scandal to enable the disgraced ex-PM to lock and and silence critics without trial.

MPs have already thrown out that awful idea (note how despite being accorded endless latitude Najib himself walks free) but Sabri’s men are so evidently fearful of dissent they have brought it back for another go in the very self-same parliament.

Bottling up anger and provoking those who seek to let off steam with acts of intimidation and injustice is rarely a good idea. Look where it got Najib. However, UMNO know no better and plainly cannot change. Corrupt governments need thugs to silence protest because they can’t reform themselves.

High Time There Was A Full Inquiry Into Apandi Ali

The judge pointed out that the MACC and other task forces had recommended criminal charges or at least an in-depth investigation into the “fantastical donation” and SRC International Sdn Bhd.

She noted that Apandi had said the MACC itself had met and recorded statements from the donors.

However, during cross-examination, Apandi admitted that the delegation did not meet nor speak to the alleged donor, testifying that the “Saudi Prince refused to meet anybody”, she said.

She noticed that this was contradictory to his press statement in which Apandi had announced that a delegation had flown to Riyadh and personally met the alleged donor himself.

The contradiction is not merely an error but instead a total contradiction. It is indeed suspicious and reasonable to ponder the necessity to be deceptive about the critical proof of the alleged donation by the Saudi royal family.

“Why would Apandi bend the truth about the meeting and recording [of] the statement by the alleged donor?

“Why would the former AG declare to the world that the delegation met the donor (and obtained confirmation from the donor), while it was well within his knowledge that his delegation did not even speak or meet with the fabled donor?

“The court is utterly confounded by the plaintiff’s testimony admitting to adopting the donation narrative as a whole, although in gross absence of direct evidence and in preference to the delegation’s hearsay evidence.

“It is right there that Apandi’s own testimony exhibited a plain, disinterested, evasive and disassociated attitude to investigate the donation further,” she said.

Azimah further reprimanded Apandi for failing to remember the name of the Saudi royal donor who had allegedly made the donation, which she said was critical information and justified Lim’s grounds for investigating Apandi.

“Although with the utmost respect, this court is pressed to express its disdain to the sordid extent of the plaintiff’s self-contradictory testimony, evasiveness and outright untruth.”

Our comment

Put ex-AG Apandi under the impartial scrutiny of a court of law and he tends to come off badly. A British High Court judge waived him off with a single but telling word, “discredited”.

Last week, after he had had the cheek to sue a politician who had questioned his handling of the 1MDB affair, a Malaysian judge spelt out in excruciating detail exactly why the term fits.

With regard to the fairy tale ‘donation’ story his ‘Bossku’ Najib employed to explain the arrival of his billion dollar theft from 1MDB into his bank accounts the judge pointed out how he contradicted his own press release in court by admitting investigators had never met the alleged princely Saudi donor as he had claimed, indeed he couldn’t even remember the fellow’s purported name.

Whilst all the other investigation agencies recommended a proper examination of the facts, he simply announced his Bossku was ‘cleared’.

We now discover this was the same toady assigned by Najib to try to get the present Malaysian government to sign a deal with Jho Low to swap remaining stolen cash for the dropping of charges.

A non-corrupted, non-UMNO led administration would of course be calling for a full inquiry into this latest outrageous initiative with a view to tracing where Jho Low is, where he is hiding his remaining money, what plans are afoot to extract that money and for what purpose?

With Najib’s grossly tainted allies back in office no-one should hold their breath however.