RM500 BILLION In Contracts + Zero Oversight = Big Election Handouts?

Pakatan Harapan (PH) will investigate former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for allegedly awarding RM500 billion in contracts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Melaka PH chairman Adly Zahari said PH will do so if it manages to form the government after the 15th General Election this Saturday.

“We promise to carry out the investigation on the case even though Muhyiddin said the money was to combat Covid-19, we have to look at it from every aspect.

“If there are any irregularities, we will charge him in court because it is the country’s money,” said Adly when met after a campaign in Kampung Ujong Padang. Also present was PH candidate for Masjid Tanah Mutalib Uthman.

 He said the allocation was a big amount and even though it is said that it is to save the people and the country from the pandemic, it must be investigated.

Our comment

The question everyone is asking is how did PN/PAS obtain the deep pockets to engage in their lavish electioneering in every seat…. and now, it sadly seems, in dirty old-fashioned vote buying?

One senior Terengganu PAS candidate appears here to have shamelessly plastered his own photo and name across a gifting pouch in the shape of money – in this case the alleged recipient has advertised RM150 found inside.

Yet PAS, previously out of office for decades, had been famously short of money until Najib started courting them before GE14. What has made them rich this time round, could it be their new partnership with the stunningly well off Bersatu, whose present leader Mahiaddin Yassin enjoyed office for 18 months during the pandemic?

Mahiaddin (aka Muhyiddin) snatched power after betraying the party he had hitched on to for the election (he is an ex-UMNO man who got sacked by Najib for trying to take advantage of 1MDB to usurp his boss) and then joining up with all the losing parties.

The Agong appointed him PM despite his having registered the support of not a single MP. Instead, ‘Moo’ had visited his local Sultan of Johor in a prolonged visit a couple of days before the coup. The Sultan is the Agong’s brother-in-law, maybe he advised him that Moo was ready to serve?

Days after that coup the Covid alert became a global issue and the new government took full advantage of the situation, using the Agong to declare a state of emergency. This allowed Moo to suspend parliament and crack down on protests against his coup for months and months.

Now it emerges that while Malaysia suffered under one of the cruellest Covid regimes on the planet – and also one of the most incompetently managed – Moo was handing out contracts under the emergency legislation and the excuse of Covid to the tune of RM500 BILLION.

There was no open tender and no scrutiny whatsoever – and very little impact for the money as far as ordinary Malaysians were concerned.

The appalling mismanagement of the Covid crisis in Malaysia eventually gave Moo’s UMNO rivals their opportunity to seize the upper hand in the coup coalition, something that after a meagre protest Malaysia’s shortest serving PM accepted.

Was this because he knew he had a war chest stashed away unlike any other?

It would appear that Moo bided his time and built his bridges with PAS while cooperating with those who had sidelined him. That lasted until the moment the election was called. Sensationally, and seemingly against all electoral logic the ex-PM then set himself up in opposition to his coalition allies fighting UMNO in every single seat.

This despite the razor thin majority presently held by the alliance over the winners of the last election, Pakatan Harapan. What was Muhyiddin about?

Now that the money has started to flow the answer is becoming clear. Moo is planning his revenge, and far from his new party Bersatu being wiped out at this election (it was after all a vehicle set up by his predecessor Mahathir who is now vehemently against him) he believes he has accrued the deep pockets to bulldoze victory over his former UMNO party, together with his new allies, the extremists cum lapdogs from PAS.

PH is right to say it will scrutinise those un-tendered Coved contracts.

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