On The Matter Of Foreign Funding

PAS ulama council has asked the government why it is not investigating the accusation that Pakatan Harapan received foreign funding when it was in the opposition.

The council’s chief Ahmad Yahya said there should be greater concern about foreign funding as it could jeopardise national security.

“The most important question now is about Harapan receiving funds from foreign entities, something that had alarmed the public before this.

“This matter was revealed by Daniel Twining himself, who is the president of the International Republican Institute (IRI), after the 14th general election.

Our comment

This cleric (whose party of course exists entirely off donations or scrabbling public appointments for doing very little) has reminded of an important point.

The only major funding into Najib’s secret personal war-chest apart from moneys looted from 1MDB was roughly a hundred million dollars documented as a donation into his illegal bank account from the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

In fact, for the longest time Najib tried to pretend the entirety of the billion dollars in that account had been a “gift” from the Saudi King to help keep him in office and promote his alleged support of Islam (for which read his financial courtship of the PAS party which had previously been regarded by UMNO as dangerous extremists who had caused conflict in Malaysia).

PAS has been trading its obedient flock for cash to the highest political bidders ever since.

Not only did PAS agree to ally with the Saudi-financed klepto-crook Najib, but they carried on in government with him (and all the other crooks they now pretend to deplore now they have fallen out) for three years following the coup in which they played a part and following his conviction.

They have therefore been happy to gorge off foreign money handed not to opposition parties but to the party of government even – foreign funding to control the government of Malaysia and spread the brand of religion espoused by Saudi Arabia (where Hadi went off to learn his lines).

PAS are well-known for their sanctimonious hypocrisy, but it seems particularly astounding they would choose to bring up this particular issue where their behaviour is so exposed with documents, court evidence and the conviction of Najib on the basis of an  interpretation of what some think tank person might have or might not have claimed in the US.

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