No Clue Who Would Be In Government Voting BN/PN

Caretaker Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob today described the shadow cabinet poster that went viral on social media as nothing more than a psychological war waged by his opponents.

Ismail Sabri said the opponents have no “product” to sell to the voters and that he would not use such a tactic in his focus on winning the 15th general election.

“It is up to them (the opponents) to unveil the shadow cabinet. I did not form a shadow cabinet because my focus is on winning the election,” he told a press conference after attending the Semarak Uniti Keluarga Malaysia programme at Dataran Kerayong in Bera.

Our comment

Ismail has not revealed his own shadow cabinet because he has no clue whatsoever who’d be in it!

He knows that if he and his sometime enemies and sometime allies from PN were to grab power (he has no hope of winning) it could only be achieved by making endless bargains with each other and several other parties.

He doesn’t even know if he could hang on to being PM, given Muhyiddin is desperate to get the job and Zahid is hovering in the wings. If he did he would have to pay off PAS, GPS,  and a swathe of frogs like Azmin (if he keeps his seat).

So, the first thing that would be revealed by an Ismail shadow cabinet would be the sheer shocking size it would be bound to be, with jobs for dozens of squabbling egos who could not even settle their differences to agree on a joint election slate.

Anwar, meanwhile, is able to present his ‘product’, namely his team and manifesto – like a normal democratic party from anywhere in the world –  so people know exactly who and what they would be voting for if they tick PH ….  and how many ministers they’d be paying for as well!

Becoming increasingly clear to voters is that there is one party in this election which is fit and ready to govern.

The rest who are not fit to govern will make their excuses, like Ismail Sabri has just done.

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