"In Good Health" But Under Doctors' Orders To Stay In Bed

Sarawak Head of State, Taib Mahmud, who is in good health and currently overseas says he will return to Sarawak once his doctor permits him to do so.

Sending his greetings from overseas, he conveyed his appreciation and gratitude to Sarawakians who remembered him in their prayers.

“I am currently in good health and still abroad. I was advised by the doctor to rest and return to Sarawak a little later after getting the doctor’s permission.

“And finally, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all the people of Sarawak who have prayed for my health and well-being all this time,” said Taib in his Sarawak 60th Independence Day Celebration.

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Our comment

What better oxymoron than this statement that the Governor is in good health and will be allowed to return to his job when his doctor permits!

Sarawak Report had speculated that the 60th Independence Day celebrations would finally flush out the lying bullies from the Astana who have issued police reports to intimidate and accuse those who had suggested the Governor of Sarawak might not be quite fit and well enough to do his job.

In the end they left it till the 11th hour to admit that the presiding seat on this occasion would be left empty. What an admission, a full fortnight after threatening those who had raised concerns about the Governor’s health with charges of ‘Fake News’ (potential prison sentence 20 years).

“I was advised by the doctor to rest and return to Sarawak a little later after getting the doctor’s permission“.

Would that be in Turkey, where he was headed when he first fell sick on the plane, or is it Singapore where his private plane has been parked for much of the past several days?

What is now acknowledged is yes, Taib is abroad in an undisclosed location, and yes, he is under doctors’ supervision. All this after it was insisted that Taib was “well and in good stead“.

Now that we know that the Governor’s office cannot be relied upon to tell the truth, what can we make of this claim that Taib is well but prevented under doctors’ orders from returning to the state to perform a key state ceremony that is integral to his job?

Why not just admit that he has been indisposed as leaders sometimes are?  Is it because the situation is far, far more serious than they are willing to disclose? If so, what power struggles are going on behind the scenes in the alleged democratic state of Sarawak?

The Sarawakians, whom the Governor claims to wish the best for in these ‘conveyed’ remarks, deserve better and more transparent governance than this insulting lack of information combined with intimidation and downright lies.

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