Hadi And Co Would Be "Stupid" To Declare Their Assets!

PKR’s decision to compel its candidates to declare their assets prior to election day was a form of “stupidity”, according to PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“Asset declaration is sometimes a form of stupidity. They want to menunjuk-nunjuk(show off).

“What should we show the public? We should show that we are good people,” Hadi told reporters after delivering his weekly lecture in Marang, Terengganu today.

Hadi said this when asked to comment on whether PAS would follow PKR’s footsteps in having election candidates declare their assets.

Our comment

The extremely religious Hadi Abang is of course absolutely right. He would be completely stupid to declare his assets, let alone ask his devious band of allies to do the same. Azmin Ali has angrily claimed “it’s all a farce” – in his case it would be.

Malaysians already know these are people who say one thing and do another. Yet, to have to openly acknowledge the fleets of custom cars and bikes, the designer watches and all the more hidden treasures (such as properties abroad) would make a mockery of these holy men who claim to put the people first.

Best ignore and demand that people judge them by their words and not their actions!!

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