Cash For Trash - The Sad Truth About Najib's 1MDB

Kardashian told investigators she wanted to leave the casino at 5am but was advised to stay because of Low’s reputation for handing out gambling chips at the end of the night.

Eventually, Kardashian won around US$350,000 but her security guard advised her to return it since she didn’t gamble with her own money.

“When Kardashian attempted to give the chips back, Low told Kardashian that the chips were hers to keep,” said the FBI.

When Kardashian cashed out the chips, she was given around US$250,000 in one hundred dollar notes in a trash bag..….

Low initially wanted to gift Kardashian a horse carriage. When Kardashian requested a white Ferrari instead, Low allegedly responded “OK, I’ll just send you the cash.”

Kardashian was not familiar with the entity Goodstar but stated that if the money was coming from that entity, it was from Low.

“Once she was told the money came in, she just thought ‘Let’s get me a car’,” read the FBI documents.

Our comment

The scenes of Hollywood debauchery fuelled by cash raised from the poor Malaysian public are the sad emblem of 1MDB.

All these billions, borrowed at enormous rates of interest which all still has to be paid back, were thus squandered on the trashiest of Hollywood’s ‘personalities’ who even carried off the loot in trash bags.

Contrast these admissions with the sanctimonious triumph of wife Rosmah (mother of the greedy, precious Riza, who attended these occasions to fulfil his ambitions to ‘move among the stars’) outside court today.

She chose to brag that a decision to dismiss one of the scores of sets of charges against her husband and his co-conspirators would presage the dropping of all the other charges and convictions – i.e. that he and she will be let off their convictions for gross crimes against the people of Malaysia.

Those who are lining up for cheap meals thanks to BN/PN corruption and children studying under leaking roofs in schools, whose budgets Rosmah looted, will feel differently.

There is no political mileage (let alone justice) in letting these kleptocrats off with pardons or reviews, unless it is to satisfy a certain over-interfering head of state who has become far too involved in these misadventures.

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