Whom Did The PM Pay?

Whom Did The PM Pay?

Astonishingly, Malaysia has a sitting Prime Minister who has now been forced to admit that he received tens of millions of ringgit into his private accounts out of the KWAP civil service pension fund.

It is known that he sacked the previous Attorney General, who had drafted charges over this theft and then appointed the new one, who immediately ‘cleared’ him, despite open objections by the MACC.

Excuse was PM didn’t know!

Having first denied Najib had taken the money, AG Apandi later revised his position and gave the explanation that the Prime Minister had not realised where the money had come from.

Najib had told him that he’d thought the money had come from the generous anonymous ‘donation’ from ‘somewhere in the Middle East’, which the Prime Minister claims he received (the FBI say they have traced every cent of that money back to the development fund 1MDB).

How Apandi gave the game away at the same time as 'clearing' Najib

How Apandi gave the game away at the same time as ‘clearing’ Najib

Nevertheless, Najib has not been required to pay the money back to KWAP, which was originally ‘borrowed’ by the 1MDB subsidiary SRC International. The Prime Minister has explained that he only spent it on CSR (corporate and social responsibility) matters on behalf of 1MDB.

Yet various payments already identified were in fact made to builders, jewellers, luxury goods providers and anti-aging specialists.

Remaining payments must be made public

Since the money received by the Prime Minister has now been confirmed as public money, paid in by civil servants to sustain their pensions, there can be no longer any excuse not to account for each and every one of these ‘corporate and social responsibility’ expenditures, most of which remain hidden.

A document waved by Apandi at his press conference in which he cleared the Prime Minister showed that 17 persons had received cash from these accounts.  Unless we hear who these persons were, how much they received and for what purpose, people are absolutely entitled to assume they were bribes (using their own stolen savings).

17 people paid, according to Apandi's own document

17 ‘recipients’ (people paid), according to Apandi’s own document

RM10 million paid February 10th 2015

Likewise, consider the highly coincidental and (until a proper explanation is given) highly suspicious receipt of RM10 million placed into Najib’s account on the significant date of 10th February 2015.

This payment was amongst the first to be identified by both Sarawak Report and the Wall Street Journal when they exploded the scandal of the PM’s accounts in March.

How the money flowed, according to MACC investigations

How the money flowed, according to MACC investigations

February 10th 2015 was none other than the historic day that five Federal Court judges opted to imprison the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on charges of sodomy – charges of which he had been originally acquitted after a lengthy trial.

It is now public knowledge that these accusations against Anwar had first seen the light of day when they were discussed by none other than Najib himself and the alleged victim, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, just days before that young man made his police report.

As a temporary worker for Anwar, the former BN supporting student activist had come to Najib’s house to discuss the allegations, together with the prosecutor Shafee Abdullah, as Najib has now finally admitted (after first lying that the conversation had not taken place).

After that initial meeting, sources have told Sarawak Report that Najib’s wife Rosmah called round friends and told them “we have got him!”, meaning Anwar.

Najib's key legal consultant, Shafee Abdullah. He was officially paid peanuts to conduct the trial.... so did any extra money find its way from the millions paid to Najib through SRC?

Najib’s key legal consultant, Shafee Abdullah. He was officially paid peanuts to conduct the trial…. so did any extra money find its way from the millions paid to Najib through SRC? Only publication of these payments can lay to rest the rumours.

However, after a lengthy trial Anwar had in fact been acquitted in the High Court, where the original judge dismissed the case owing to lack of evidence.

It was only after the prosecution astonishingly appealed that acquittal (violating the principle of double-jeopardy) that a ‘guilty’ verdict was finally achieved.

The Federal Court upheld that guilty verdict on February 10th, after Shafee was brought in as a special private prosecutor – again in violation of normal proper procedure. Shafee (who acts as Najib’s lawyer in every delicate situation) had argued that the proposed prison sentence be increased from 5 years to 20, which was in the end rejected.

The five judges are said to have walked into the court that day with two alternative judgements prepared: one finding the opposition leader guilty and the other not guilty.

It is for such reasons that Najib must explain and prove exactly what the RM10 million he received into his account that day was spent on; because the whole world is otherwise entitled to make a simple division and put two and two together.

For the sake of the honour of his appeal court judges, Najib must account for that cash and dispel the growing rumour and suspicion engendered by the simple sum and coincidental date.

Another RM32 m 'CSR' payments hit Najib's accounts at the end of December 2014.... what were they spent on?

Another RM32 m ‘CSR’ payments hit Najib’s accounts at the end of December 2014…. what were they spent on?

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